Keynote Speaker


Hannah Wells is a scholar of 19th-century American literature and culture. Her teaching and research interests include law and literature, African American literature, Native American literature, political philosophy, pragmatism, and religion in the US.

She is currently at work on a book called If Bodies Matter: American Pragmatism and The Color Line, which weds the development of pragmatist philosophy to the emergence of new models of racial citizenship that found form and expression in the literary innovations of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Before teaching at Drew University, she was an A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Jackman Humanities Institute at the University of Toronto. She has also taught at Stanford, the Cooper Union, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Novelty and the New
Saturday, April 16, 2016


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8:00 – 8:45 Breakfast in the Jubilee Hall Atrium

8:45 Opening Remarks Dean Chrys Greico, College of Arts and Sciences (Seton Hall)

9:00 – 9:50 Keynote
Hannah Wells, PhD (Drew), “Pragmatism and the New Materialism”

10:00 – 11:15 Session 1
Panel 1A: American Gothics
Jubilee Hall 220
Chair: Mary Balkun (Seton Hall)

Mary McAleer Balkun (Seton Hall), “Washington Irving, Unnatural Appetites, and Coloniality”
John Gruesser, “The Mixed-Race Woman in (and out of) the Attic: Pauline Hopkins's African American Gothic in Hagar's Daughter”
John P. Wargacki, “Unmasking at Midnight: Stephen King & Edgar Allan Poe’s Gothicism: Jack Torrance & the Postmodern Victimized-Villain”                                                                                                                                                                         
Panel 1B: Compositional Matters
Jubilee Hall 222
Chair: Kristen di Gennaro (Pace)

Meaghan Brewer and Kristen di Gennaro (Pace), “‘Yes, but what is your field?’: What Do Micro-Aggressions Have To Do With Composition?”
K. Philip Choong and Kristen di Gennaro (Pace), “Writing-about-Writing: A Solution to Composition’s Long-Standing Content Problem”
Agie Markiewicz (Pace U), “For Fake Internet Points: Rising Literacies in Online Forums, Comments and Reviews”

Panel 1C: Positionality and (Re)Presentation: Exploring the Narrative Self in Creative Nonfiction
Jubilee Hall 132
Chair: Rachel Warmington (Indiana U of Pennsylvania)

Mara Lee Grayson (Pace U/Teachers College, Columbia U), “Memoir as Mirror: Presenting and Representing the Self in Creative Nonfiction"
Rachel Golland (St. Thomas Aquinas College/Teachers College, Columbia U), “'Shiny Little Lives': In Defense of the Value of Memoir in Younger Writers' Lives"
Brett Shanley (Pace U/Teachers College, Columbia U), “Creative Nonfiction as Means of Situating the Self in Academic Writing”

Panel 1D: Neo-Literature
Jubilee Hall 214
Chair: (?) Robyn J. Lemanski (Seton Hall) (?)

Chris Amnott (Seton Hall U), “When I Get Free”: Authenticity and Slavery in Frederick Douglass’ Narrative & Tupac Shakur’s Music”
Dr. Abha Sood (Monmouth U), “Old Wine in New Bottles: Reworking Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
Pritika Pradhan (Rutgers U), “Renewing the Past in A.S. Byatt’s Possession

11:15 – 11:30  Coffee break

11:30 – 12:45 Session 2

Panel 2A: New Approaches from Old Critics
Jubilee Hall 220
Chair: Jonathan Farina (Seton Hall U)

Kyle McAuley (Rutgers U), “The Imperial Anthropocene; or, Raymond Williams as Ecocritic”
Michael DePalma (Seton Hall U), “Now Presenting Walt Whitman’s “The Civil War”: Walt Whitman as Benjaminian Editor in “Cavalry Crossing a Ford”
Melissa Sande (Union CC), “Revolutionary Acts: Consuming Iconography, the Use of Parody, and the New Feminism of The Bell Jar and The Bluest Eye

Panel 2B: “To Ask Questions and Not Assume”: Writing-Center Pedagogy and Real-World Tutoring
Jubilee Hall 222
Chair: Aruna Sanyal (Seton Hall U)

Noora Badwan (Seton Hall U)
Samathan Scelzo (Seton Hall U)
Victorian Hilario (Seton Hall U)
Gabriela Suarez (Seton Hall U)

Panel 2C. Detective Fiction: What IS New?
Jubilee Hall 214
Chair: Maria Plochocki (Pace)

Ken Ronkowtiz, NJIT, "Holistic Detective: Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently Novels"
Harold Ingram, Pace University, "The Male Pose in Walter Mosley's Easy Rawlins Series"
Maria Plochocki, Pace University, "Detective Fiction: Everything Old is New Again?"

Panel 2D: Novel Pedagogies
Jubilee Hall 218
Chair: Kelly Shea (Seton Hall)

James Kenney (Queensborough CC, CUNY), “‘I Have Come Here to Kick A** and Teach Allegory’: A Novel Approach to the Canon utilizing 1980s Genre Cinema to Enhance Student Comprehension of Literary Texts and Devices”
Zach Kelly (Queensborough Community College, CUNY), “Smartphones in the Adult ESOL Classroom: Ideas for Thoughtful Integration”
Harold Ingram (Pace U), “A New and Novel Approach to Teaching the Short Story”

Panel 2E: Conceptual Poetry and Conceptual Art: Speech, Idea, Aesthetic?
Jubilee Hall 132
Chair: Burt Kimmelman (NJIT)

Andrew Klobucar (NJIT)
Burt Kimmelman (NJIT)
John J. Trause (Oradell Free Public Library)

1:00 – 1:45      Lunch, launch of Watchung Review

2:00 – 3:15      Session 3
Panel 3A: The New Woman and Islam/Religious Discourses in Visual and Literary Texts
Jubilee Hall 220
Chair: Amrita Ghosh (Seton Hall)

Ather Zia (U of Northern Colorado), “Tracing a Gendered Subjectivity in a Militarized Kashmir”  
Ashna Ali (Grad Center, CUNY), “Irreconcilable Devotions; American Patriotism and Muslim Womanhood in Quantico and Homeland”
Amrita Ghosh (Seton Hall U), “The Emerging Woman and the Birthing of a Nation in A Good Muslim”
Panel 3B: New Modernisms
Jubilee Hall 222
Chair: John Wargacki (Seton Hall)

Justine Sha (Seton Hall), “On ‘the Brink of Ruin’: A Dance Around the Absent Center of Lady Windermere’s Fan
Donavan L. Ramon (William Paterson), “This Tortured and Uncertain Life”: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Vera Caspary’s The White Girl
Robyn Lemanski (Seton Hall), “Nature, War, and Disconnection: The Destruction of Orwell’s Natural Landscape in Coming Up For Air

Panel 3C: Poetry from Streams to City Streets
Jubilee Hall 132
Chair: Rachael Warmington (Indiana U of Pennsylvania)

Coriel Gaffney
Kate Lutzner
Rachael Warmington (Indiana U of Pennsylvania)
Maureen Daniels (Berkeley College)

Panel 3D: Early Modern Literary Economies
Jubilee Hall 214
Chair: Donovan Sherman (Seton Hall)

Nira Gupta-Casale (Kean U), "Charles Davenant: Commerce and the Moral Imperative"
Dean Casale (Kean U), "'Mind the Main Chance': The Problematic Economics of the 'New' Companionate Marriage in Royall Tyler's The Contrast"
Alicia Clark-Barnes (St. Joseph’s U), “Credit and Creditability: Rethinking Best Practices in the Early Modern Economy”

Panel 3E: Teaching Composition Creatively
Jubilee Hall 218
Chair: Ryan Dippre (U Maine)

John Cartier (Bergen Community College), “Mission Possible: Creativity and Scholarship in Freshman Composition
Ryan Dippre (University of Maine), ”The Individuated Experience of Novelty: Implications for the Composition Classroom”

3:30 – 4:45      Session 4
Panel 4A: Medieval Studies
Jubilee Hall 220
Chair: Susannah M. Chewning (Union County College)

Glenn Steinberg (The College of New Jersey),”Mi ritrovai per una poema sacra:  A Brief Theory concerning the Reading Subject’s Experience of Inferno V”
Susannah M. Chewning (Union County College), “Re-thinking Chastity: Sexual Transgression in Medieval Romance”
Michelle M. Sauer (U of North Dakota), “Amazement, Ravishment, and Lesbian Desire in the Medieval Garde”

Panel 4B: Gender Matters
Jubilee Hall 222
Chair: TBD

Matthew Kochis (Mercer Community College), “New/Queer Traditions: Exploring Lesbian Bildungsromane”
Catherine Ventura (Seton Hall), “Secrets and Sexuality: The Repression of Information and Sexual Identity in Austen’s Sense and Sensibility
Stacy Narine (Seton Hall), “Redefining Masculinity in Washington Irving’s ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’”

Panel 4C: Approaches to Composition
Jubilee Hall 214
Chair: Gita DasBender (Seton Hall)

Arkor Kolubah (Montclair), “Revision Scholarship from the Eighties to Today”
Eric Brown (Monmouth U, Montclair U, Brookdale CC), “Literature and Creativity in the Composition Classroom”
Meg Natter and Barbara Jones (Brookdale CC), “Opposites Attract: How an Anthropology and English Learning Community Increased Student Retention and Success”

Panel 4D: Forms of Postcoloniality
Jubilee Hall 218
Chair: Sarbani Vengadasalam (Rutgers)

Nasreen Khan (Seton Hall), “Flexible Appetites: Redefining Indian Gastronomic Portrayals in Victorian Literature”
Basma Bsharat (Seton Hall), “Eager for Discovery: Occupying A Room with a View”
Daijuan Gao (Seton Hall U), “The Garden of the Forbidden Fruit in The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai
Sarbani Vengadasalam (Rutgers), “What’s Revolutionary About the Santiniketan style of theater?: An Investigation  of  the Dramatics of The Waterfall

5:00 – 5:30      Wine and cheese Reception  Presentation of Steven J. Rosen Mentor Award | Presentation of Graduate Student Paper Prizes